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I just wanted everyone to know that Corgis rule the world. Thank you.

I got together with someone aweful Friday night. We had been talking for a year on IM. Not much to say. It was his birthday on Friday and he wanted to finally meet me. Feeling it more comfortable with a friend, I asked if I could bring one, and he said no. I told him him that I was just going to get to know him. Nothing more.
When I saw him, he was the most hideous thing you could ever imagine. "Clean your clothes, take a bath, brush your teeth, you hair!" I felt like saying. I was embarrased to be seen with him. He goes to GDS, and he's very smart, but he doesn't know how to make conversation, and what he did try to talk about, I knew nothing, so it was very boring. And behind all that, he seemed to be aiming for something sexual. He thought of it as a stupid blind date. I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot poll! Sorry...he just REALLY creeped me out. He kept trying to get me to lie on the floor with him, but I sat in the chair. He tried to arrange a time to get together, but I said I didn't know. Unfortunately, he didn't get the message and called me Saturday, though, fortunately, I was at rehersal, so all he did was leave a message.

Does anyone know how I can possibly get rid of him?
(Alvin, a senior, said he would be my pretend boy friend...)
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