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on, you can go to their section called "truth media" which is normal people basically writing flames about products. one product was the weezer blue album. first off, the track listing was tottaly wrong, he said "it goes from my name is jonas, to hashpipe, to el scorcho." those are on 3 differnt cd's. aaaaahhh. haha okay yeah i know im a loser it's a humor site, im just being a nerd. oi he described "my name is jonas" as beeing "a mix of metallica guitar riffs, and the vocal stylings of the guy from sugar ray." i want to know what the hell this guy was one when he listened to the cd, haha.

finished ged yey im finally out of high school. im rather dissapointed that i didnt do better on my scores though, got 2970 out of 4k. i figure i could have done better if i spent more time on the written essay and tried harder at the poetry stuff.
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